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Publications - Joanna Richardson

Barry, A. and Richardson, J. (1996). Indexing the Net: A Review of Indexing Tools. Paper presented at the 'Landscaping the Web' - AusWeb96, Gold Coast.

Barry, A. and Richardson, J. (1997). Death of the Journal: Will It be Replaced by Document Delivery? Paper presented at the Information Technology - The Enabler: CAUSE in Australasia '97, Melbourne.

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Borchert, M. and Richardson, J. (2005). Implementing HarvestRoad Hive Digital Repository . Paper presented at Information Online Conference, Sydney. [presentation]

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Richardson, J. (1991). Campus Networking. Paper presented at the 'OPAC and Beyond' - 6th Biennial VALA Conference, Melbourne.

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Richardson, J. and Barry, A. (1999). Personal Tools to Tame the Web. Paper presented at the 'The Web After a Decade' - AusWeb99, Ballina.

Richardson, J., et al (2000). 'AskA' Electronic Reference: Strategies For Creating Effective Query Services. Paper presented at the 'The Web: Communication and Information Access for a New Millennium' - AusWeb2K, Cairns.

Richardson, J., et al (2000). "Ask A Librarian" Electronic Reference Services: The Importance of Corporate Culture, Communication and Service Attitude. LASIE, 31(4), 25-37.

Richardson, J., and Hopkins, P. (2004). Selecting an ILMS for a future you can't imagine.Paper presented at the 'Breaking Boundaries - Integration and Interoperability' - 12th Biennial VALA Conference, Melbourne.

Richardson, J. (2004). "Competing in a World Scoped by Google". Paper presented at the 10th Australian World Wide Web (AusWeb04) Conference, Gold Coast.

Richardson, J. (2004). "The Integrated Library Management System (ILMS): a core component in the fusion of e-learning and e-knowledge". Paper presented at the e-Agenda 2004 International Roundtable, Gold Coast. [presentation]

Richardson, J. (2004). " Implementing HarvestRoad's Hive System at Griffith University: Practice Validates Theory". Paper presented at the ALIA Collection and Access Digital Repository Seminar, QUT. [presentation]

Richardson, J. (2005). "Building Bridges between Learning Management Systems and Library Content Systems ." Paper presented at the 11th Australian World Wide Web (AusWeb05) Conference, Gold Coast.

Richardson, J. (2006). "Research Quality Framework as a catalyst for open access." Paper presented at the 12th Australian World Wide Web (AusWeb06) Conference, Noosa.

Richardson, J. (2006). " Integration of open access repositories with research management systems." Canberra, ACT: Council of Australian Librarians. Also available online from CAUL website.

Richardson, J. and Borchert, M. (2007). "Usage metrics for open access repositories." Paper presented at the 13th Australian World Wide Web (AusWeb07) Conference, Coffs Harbour.

Woodberry, E. and Richardson, J. (2000). From Vision to Reality: The Evolution of a Library Model. Australian Academic and Research Libraries, 31(1), 18-29.


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